Cross-border e-commerce & logistics sorting project

Cross-border e-commerce & logistics sorting project

Guangdong International Express Project 2

This set of high-speed intelligent sorting equipment includes high-speed cross-sorting system, high-precision automatic weighing system, high-precision dynamic code scanning system, multi-stage loading platform, intelligent bag dropping chute, etc., the sorting peak can reach 23,000 pieces per hour, the system structure can be customized, suitable for all kinds of space.

Implementation Effect:

Main equipment form: circular cross belt sorting system

The design area of the main operation area: (55000) mm long * (16000) mm wide

Sorting efficiency: ≥ 23000 pieces/hour

Error control rate: sorting error rate ≥99.99%

The main equipment support weight range: a single piece of cargo (50) g-(10) kg

Support cargo specifications on the machine (not greater than): (420) mm long * (300) mm wide * (200) mm high

Years of trouble-free operation: 362 days or more

Equipment noise: circular cross belt sorter not more than (65)db