Library & Book Third Party Logistics

Library & Book Third Party Logistics

A library project in Guangzhou

The book intelligent sorting equipment, including straight line crossed with sorting system, reciprocating crossed with sorting system, the high accuracy automatic weighing system, the leading Internet technology, software and hardware of the modular design is adopted, the compatible ISBN, barcode, qr code and RFID tags and other identity code system, system application of artificial intelligence technology, the international leading sorting industry It can handle about 100,000 books per day, allowing users to enjoy self-service such as borrowing books, returning books, reading, issuing certificates, renewing books, booking and so on through self-service, which can save labor costs to the greatest extent and provide 24-hour service.

Implementation Effect:

Main equipment form: straight line cross belt sorting system

The design area of the main operation area: (15000) mm long * (8000) mm wide

Sorting efficiency: ≥ 5000 pieces/hour

Error control rate: Sorting error rate ≥99.99%

The main equipment support weight range: a single piece of cargo (50) g-(10) kg

Support cargo specifications on the machine (not greater than): (420) mm long * (300) mm wide * (200) mm high

Years of trouble-free operation: 362 days or more

Equipment noise: circular cross belt sorter not more than (65)db

Video show: