Enterprise Development History

Etown established in 2010 which is China national “Torch Plan”high-tech manufacturer,which is taking the leadship in projecting, manufacturing, installation,debugging and solution providing of intelligent logistics sorting system.

Enterprise Development History

Enterprise Development History

Enterprise Development History

To undertake the project of the largest domestic postal distribution center in China, the self-developed circular sorting machine project has been successfully applied to the postal system of Hebei, Ningxia, Jiangxi, Shandong and other provinces. In the field of cross-border e-commerce, we have made remarkable achievements. We have successfully built domestic cross-border industry standard warehouse for enterprise customers, improved the operation efficiency of the whole warehouse, and improved the level of enterprise management.


Etown has accumulated more than 50 core patents in the field of intelligent warehousing and sorting, and its "intelligent flexible sorting core technology" has won the second prize of science and technology of Anhui Province. It has been industrialized and applied in many express delivery and transfer centers such as STO, YTO and ZTO, greatly reducing the operation cost and investment difficulty of users.


We have developed the second-generation intelligent cross belt sorting system and intelligent handling system, which have been included in the procurement list of Cainiao suppliers and signed strategic framework agreements with more than 10 overseas customers. The project has won the approval of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Major Special Project, Anhui Province's first set of major technical equipment 2 items, and won the 2018 China Logistics Famous Brand.


Etown has accumulated more than 30 patents, signed contracts with postal, e-commerce and book giants, and participated in the 2017 Hannover Industry Fair, attracting wide attention from enterprises at domestic and abroad.


Hefei Hi-Tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd. invested 8%, and the R&D Department of Warehousing and Sorting Engineering Technology was identified as Hefei Warehousing and Sorting Engineering Technology Research Center.


Accumulated more than 20 patents, 3 software Copyrights, through the software enterprise certification. Set up the research and development department of warehousing and sorting engineering technology, and participate in the Hannover industrial fair.


Reciprocating cross belt sorting system DFW series products enter the market. Etown has passed the high-tech enterprise certification. Our entrepreneurial team was rated as "228" industrial innovation team in Hefei.


The intelligent linear vertical belt high-speed sorting system YYT-V2.0 has been successfully developed online, leading in the industry, and won the innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


The "intelligent sorting system based on radio frequency and video infrared recognition and tracking" developed by Etown won the Science Progress Award of Anhui Province. Excellent Award of Anhui Overseas Study Entrepreneurship Project.


The "intelligent sorting system" developed by Etown won the Hefei Science and Technology Award.


Mr. Liu Baolin, a Canadian scholar, a leading talent in Anhui Province's strategic emerging industries, and a leading figure in the "Hundred Talents Plan" of Hefei, was invited by the provincial government to set up Etown Information Technology Co., Ltd in Hefei National University Science Park.