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Deeply cultivate the professional field of intelligent sorting and constantly expand the new application of intelligent sorting

source:Etown Iot intelligent sorting equipment   Update time:2021-09-27

In recent years, the global cross-border e-commerce has officially entered the fast lane of rapid development. Many cross-border e-commerce enterprises, following the trend of market development, begin to compete for products, supply chain and operation capacity, and strive to have the opportunity to take the lead in the increasingly competitive industry. With the continuous development of technology, local enterprises represented by Etown are also constantly seeking market opportunities and gradually breaking through technological bottlenecks in order to quickly respond to changes in business volume.

Etown has been focusing on the research and development of intelligent sorting equipment, and currently owns more than 30 practical invention patents and more than 10 software Copyrights. At the same time, Etown has also been identified as a high-tech enterprise in the National Torch Program, and the company's intelligent sorting equipment system has been identified as the first (set) of major technical equipment in Anhui Province for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. Besides, well-known logistics companies such as China Post, Cainiao and ZTO have reached cooperation agreements, and its comprehensive strength in the industry can not be reckoned with.

"We are eager to take our customers to the next level of intelligent logistics sorting with our professional technology," said Etown Vice President Ji Li. We hope to help customers quickly respond to the complex and changing market, and flexibly expand the operation scale and improve the operation efficiency while improving the sorting efficiency.”

In the new logistics era, it is very important to study and discuss the new logistics mode and seek for change and innovation. As a professional solution provider in the field of intelligent sorting, Etown will be based on the enterprise goal of "Etown, make sorting easier", continue to optimize the technology and service quality, and help the logistics industry to implement intelligent sorting solutions in the scene.