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【Etown automation】- Three kinds of cross belt sorter for the package

source:Anhui Etown Information Technology Co.,Ltd   Update time:2021-10-08

How to ensure that each car unit of the cross belt sorter can achieve maximum utilization, mainly depends on the selection and design of the package. Cross belt sorting machine manufacturer [Etown automation] analysis: cross belt sorting machine for the package there are three main ways: automatic for the package, manual semi-automatic for the package, manual for the package.

Below, the cross belt sorting machine manufacturer Dongchang automatic respectively to introduce the difference between automatic package, artificial semi-automatic package and artificial package.

I. Automatic supply package

Generally, the package table has three to seven belts, which are divided into the lead-in section, the acceleration section and the package section. The speed of the acceleration section increases step by step, and the packet supply efficiency increases step by step within 2000~4000 packets/hour. The more the acceleration section, the higher the packet supply efficiency, and the corresponding investment will also increase. The automatic supply package has higher requirements for the front-end incoming package, the label face of the incoming package should be in the specified direction (the label face should be up when scanning the top, but not down when scanning the five sides), and the incoming package must be separated individually.


II. manual semi-automatic supply package

Manual semi-automatic package supply system is composed of automatic package supply station and manual delivery station. According to the form of manual delivery station, it can be divided into two ways: single station delivery and double station delivery. Single work station delivery refers to an automatic package delivery station corresponding to a manual delivery station, by an operator for package delivery work; Double station delivery means that an automatic package delivery station corresponds to two manual delivery stations, and two operators carry out the package delivery work at the same time. The package delivery efficiency fluctuates in the range of 1500~2500 packages/hour according to the number of personnel and operation proficiency. Manual semi-automatic package supply has low requirements for front-end incoming packages, stackable, no need to separate individual packages, and unlimited package label orientation.

III.For the packages

Manual package supply is completed by placing the package label face up directly into the center of the sorting trolley. The efficiency of manual package supply is affected by the speed of operation of the operator and the idle degree of the online trolley. Usually, the efficiency of a single person is 1400 packages/hour. Due to manual casting, the car running speed can not be too fast, the speed limit of 1.6m/s, will affect the overall efficiency of the sorting machine. Manual supply packages have low requirements for front-end incoming packages. They can be stacked and do not need to separate individual packages. There is no restriction on the direction of package labels.

From sorting machine processing capacity, equipment investment, the number of personnel, package efficiency, package requirements and other aspects of the comprehensive analysis, in the overall system operation is not very high, and the equipment investment is more sensitive to the project for manual package; At the front end, the separation of incoming package is ideal, and automatic package feeding is suitable for projects requiring high efficiency of package feeding; In the front section to the goods package stack, and the requirements of the overall efficiency of the sorter does not reduce the project, can choose manual semi-automatic package.

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