Sorting system

Sorting system

Automatic Oblique Wheels Sorter

Sorting speed:
Max speed : 4,000 pcs / h
Applicable industry:

Express and logistics large packages, channel sorting, partitioned job sorting, etc.


This system applys to those logistics company that request the standard size ,particular package ,medium speed sorting work(apart from the soft package) .It supports a automatic sorting work. It`s helpful to standardize the work procedures and integrate the information managing system of the company so that to improve the working efficiency maximumly


1. Constant torque sorting. 45°、90° turning;

2. Compatible with all kinds of info managing systems and platforms from customer

3. Support automatic scanning, weighing and measuring

4. Stable and flexible . can be customized

5. Support various kinds of hardwares` perfect tranship. 

6. Stable speed running on regular size parcels. support host computer communication