Sorting system

Sorting system

Vertical Cross Belt Sorting System

Sorting speed:
Max speed: 10,000 pcs/h
Applicable industry:

Express, E-commerce, Shoes and apparel,Books,Merchants and Supermarkets


The system is applicable to the customers who have high requirements for sorting speed but limited space. The system supports the construction of a high-speed sorting line for sorting all kinds of packaging and shape commodities, which can meet the design needs of various industries due to long and narrow space.  


1.Gentle, less impact on the parcels,long term operating

2.Lightweight device with compact structure, noise reduction process, convenient disassembly and high cost performance;  It supports the 

docking with various information management systems, various interfaces and database systems and data platforms with different environmental requirements of customers, with strong adaptability and compatibility.  

3.It supports multi-channel and multi-form information codes and super-high-speed intelligent scanning code system, intelligent weighing 

system and intelligent measuring three-dimensional volume system of goods. It is compatible with diversified non-embedded systems such as 

employee performance management system and customer financial settlement system, saving production and management costs of enterprises.  Stable performance, flexible configuration, can be customized according to user needs.