Sorting system

Sorting system

Circular Cross Belt Sorting System

Sorting speed:
Max speed: 23,000 pcs / h
Applicable industry:

Express, E-commerce, Shoes and apparel, Books, Medicine, Fresh food, New retail, Supermarket supply chain etc,.


This system applys to customers who has a high demand on sorting speed. It can keep operating and sorting at high speed correctly and constantly. According to the customers, we can build high speed sorting lines  for various packages and standard parcels to meet up the their demands. Meanwhile we can also customize for those who request for heavy loads 


1. Gentle, less impact on the parcels,long term operating

2. Less nosie , easy installation and uninstallation, cost effective

3. Support various information managing system and different forms of outlet.  more applicable and compatible

4. Support all kinds of passageway and info codes. super high speed intelligent scanning, weighing and measuring. 

5. Compatible with disembedding systems such as employee performance managing, customers` balance etc,. Save the cost of production and management 

6. Stable performance, flexible, can be customized