Picking system

Picking system

Intelligent Picking system

Sorting speed:
customization, the maximum picking speed for single machine is 800 pieces / hour

This system can be docked with the order,for example,management system OMS, enterprise WMS and ERP system etc., it can greatly reduce the preparation time ofgoods locating and improve efficiency. It is suitable for customers who having a small number of SKU. it can pick up the products automatically from different storage containers or directly complete the picking and distributing of order ,it also can realize the

dynamic and accurate management of the whole process of production material from supplier etc.


 1、Able to sort goods continuously in large quantities. Due to using automatic used in mass production assembly line, automatic sorting system is not affected by the climate, the limitation of time, etc, can run continuously, at the same time,the machine can up to 7000pcs per hour to sort the goods.

  2、The sorting error rate is extremely low. Automatic sorting system of sorting error size mainly depends on the accuracy of the information input by sorting size, which in turn depends on the sorting information input mechanisms.Such as using barcode scanning input, unless the bar code printing itself have a mistake, otherwise it will not go wrong. 

  3、The sorting operation is basically unmanned. One of the purposes of the establishment of automatic sorting system is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the use efficiency of personnel, so the automatic sorting system can minimize the use of personnel, basically achieve unmanned.