• Circular Cross Belt Sorting System

    This system is suitable for users who have extremely high requirements for sorting speed. It can sort goods accurately and at a high speed for a long time. According to customer needs, a high-speed sorting line for sorting various packaging and shape goods can be constructed, which can meet most production and manufacturing As well as the high-speed circulation needs of light-weight goods of logistics companies, heavy-load high-speed sorting systems can be customized.

  • Vertical Cross Belt Sorting System

    This system is suitable for users who have extremely high requirements for sorting speed but relatively limited venues. According to customer needs, high-speed sorting lines for sorting various packaging and appearance products can be constructed, which can meet various industries such as libraries and electricity. Design requirements.

  • Reciprocating Cross Belt Sorting System

    Software system with powerful industrial control process function; safe, efficient and stable mechanical system and electrical system; intelligent control system can be data docked with the enterprise's ERP, strong adaptability; small equipment area, high sorting efficiency, energy consumption Low; compact structure, noise reduction structure, modular design, convenient disassembly and assembly, high cost performance; support automatic code scanning, automatic weighing, automatic volume measurement, cost-saving and improving work efficiency. Stable performance, flexible configuration, can be customized according to user needs.

  • Automatic Oblique Wheels Sorter

    The sorting action is gentle, and the impact on the goods is small; it can be docked with various customer information management systems and platforms, and has strong adaptability; supports automatic code scanning, automatic weighing, and automatic measurement of the size of goods; stable performance and flexible configuration. Can be customized according to user needs.


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  • Planning and Design

    User needs, data analysis, program design, program output

  • Installation and Debugging

    Equipment installation, electromechanical joint debugging, system joint debugging, online training

  • After-sales service

    Telephone hotline, regular inspection, on-site service

  • R & D manufacturing

    Construction machinery, electrical software, design output

  • System Integration

    Quality system, factory inspection

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Located in Hefei, the city of science and technology in China, Anhui Etown Information Technology was founded in 2010. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent logistics sorting system (sorter) planning and design, equipment R&D and manufacturing, engineering installation and commissioning, system integration, etc. Many core technologies of intelligent logistics sorting system and Internet of Things represent China's latest level.


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With the rapid development of information networks and e-commerce, cross-border enterprises have ushered in an important transformation opportunity from C2C to B2C. How to give full play to their inherent advantages and transform the existing logistics system is an important challenge facing enterprises.


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