Mail Sorting Project of China Post Central Bureau

Mail Sorting Project of China Post Central Bureau

Guangdong Post Project

The equipment adopts Endless cross belt sorting system including vertical sorting system,a single-layer linear structure with a total length of nearly 200 meters. A maximum of 23,000 express parcels can be sorted per hour, and the sorting accuracy rate is 99.999%. The daily sorting capacity exceeds 500,000 pieces, and it runs 24 hours a day without failure, which is three times the efficiency of manual sorting, and the error rate is less than one in ten thousand.

Implementation Effect:

Main equipment form: Endless cross belt sorting system

Design area of main operation area: (100000) mm long * (70000) mm wide

Sorting efficiency: ≥ 23000 pieces/hour

Error control rate: sorting error rate ≥99.99%

The main equipment support weight range: a single piece of cargo (50) g-(10) kg

Support cargo specifications on the machine: (not greater than) (420) mm long * (300) mm wide * (200) mm high

Years of trouble-free operation: 362 days or more

Equipment noise: circular cross belt sorter not more than (65)db

Video show: