Mail Sorting Project of China Post Central Bureau

Mail Sorting Project of China Post Central Bureau

Ningxia Post Project

The project adopt circular cross-belt sorting system as the main equipment form of an intelligent sorting management system, which is characterized by a small footprint, higher compatibility, higher sorting efficiency requirements, and higher cost performance.

Implementation Effect:

Main equipment form: Round cross belt sorting system

The design area of the main operation area: (10000) mm long * (10000) mm wide

Sorting efficiency: ≥ 4500 pieces/hour

Error control rate: sorting error rate ≥99.98%

The main equipment support weight range: a single piece of cargo (50) g-(10) kg

Support cargo specifications on the machine: (not greater than) (420) mm long * (300) mm wide * (200) mm high

Years of trouble-free operation: 362 days or more

Equipment noise: circular cross belt sorter not more than (65)db