Sorting project of express delivery center

Sorting project of express delivery center

Large Shoes and Apparels Project

​Supporting equipment: Main equipment form: annular cross belt sorting system with Vertical sort equipment main operation area design covers an area of: (40000) mm long * (12000) mm wide sorting efficiency: ≥18000 pieces/hour error control rate: sorting error rate ≥99.99%

Implementation Effect:

Project Description:
Main equipment: ring cross belt sorting system
The main operation area is designed to cover an area of (40000) mm long * (12000) mm wide
Sorting efficiency: ≥ 18000 pieces/hour
Error control rate: sorting accuracy ≥99.99 %
Weight range supported by main equipment: single cargo (50) g- (10) kg
Supports on the machine cargo specifications (not greater than) :(420) mm long * (300) mm wide * (200) mm high
Annual trouble-free operation time: 362 days or more
Equipment noise: ring cross belt sorter is not greater than (65) dB

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