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Intelligent sorting has a bright future. Etown uses its expertise to accompany customers to grow up

source:Etown Iot intelligent sorting equipment   Update time:2021-09-30

Over the years, Anhui Etown Information Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Etown") has made a lot of investment in science and technology research and development and logistics technology, and continues to help enterprises in logistics, medicine and other fields to transform into science and technology logistics. Etown innovatively develops and applies intelligent rapid sorting technology to help customers relieve manual sorting pressure, reduce labor costs, and greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of sorting operations.

"As our customer's brand grows and business grows, the need to efficiently handle more and more traffic is driven by two key factors: collaborative networking and intelligent technology," said Etown vice President Ji Li. Among them, the use of automated logistics equipment, including intelligent sorting system, plays a crucial role. We use our professional technology to improve and serve our customers and help them improve the operational efficiency of logistics sorting."

It is understood that the most direct and obvious advantage of the intelligent sorting equipment created by Etown is to reduce labor costs and realize intelligent operation. Intelligent sorting system with "can be continuous, large quantities of sorting goods; The sorting error rate is very low ". Etown's smart sorting equipment does not require the use of a human. "When the delivery vehicle arrives at the purchase end of the automatic sorting line, it is picked up by a human. Manual control of sorting system operation; At the end of the sorting line, the goods are collected and loaded manually. Automatic sorting system operation, management and maintenance ", so intelligent sorting system can minimize the use of personnel. That is to say, in the use of intelligent sorting system, customers only need to make detailed work plans for employees, so that employees can better cooperate with the production of intelligent sorting equipment, so as to reduce the customer's human investment in express warehousing, so as to achieve higher economic benefits.


We believe that through more and more scientific research and development and the use of modern logistics technology, Etown will be further developed, the team will be further expanded, and more enterprise customers will be brought better service, and truly fulfill the enterprise mission of "Etown, make sorting easier".