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Focusing on cutting-edge technology, Etown intelligent sorting equipment continues to develop

source:Etown Iot intelligent sorting equipment   Update time:2021-10-11

As a leader in the field of intelligent sorting, Anhui Etown Information Technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "Etown") has been deeply engaged in intelligent sorting for more than ten years, constantly developing and innovating new technologies of intelligent sorting equipment. The company has developed and applied a variety of intelligent sorting systems and equipment such as cross belt, straight line and ring, which are widely used in logistics, e-commerce express, medicine, customs and books and other industries, and has won the trust and recognition of many customers. It is worth mentioning that "small disc sorting machine", one of Etown's flagship products, professionally serves small and medium-sized distribution centers and terminal outlets, charging for the last station of express delivery, effectively meeting customers' demands for efficient sorting.

According to third-party data statistics, in 2020, the global market size of intelligent sorting system reached 7.02 billion US dollars, and is expected to reach 14.34 billion US dollars in 2026. Among them, The Chinese market has changed rapidly in the past few years. The market size in 2020 is USD 650 million, and is expected to reach USD 1.755 billion in 2026, accounting for 12.23% of the global market by then. At present, major global manufacturers include Daifuku, Siemens, Intelligrated, China Post Technology and Etown, etc.

"In the future, the application of automatic conveying and sorting equipment gradually develops towards modularization and standardization. Modularization is conducive to helping enterprises achieve rapid installation and debugging; Standardization is beneficial to reduce production cost and maintenance cost. Ji Li, deputy general manager of Etown, said that the secondary and tertiary outlets of express delivery enterprises have increased demand for cost-effective, durable and easy-to-maintain automatic delivery and sorting equipment. In the Chinese market, China Post Technology, Etown and other sorting system integration capabilities will be further developed.

Facing the future, Etown will adhere to the concept of "growing with customers", and continue to provide customers with better quality services. Through regular equipment inspection and maintenance services, Etown will fully ensure the safe and orderly operation of customers' sorting systems. "With the rapid development of the express logistics industry, consumers have higher and higher requirements for time-effectiveness, the competitiveness of the industry is becoming stronger and stronger, the sorting pressure of grassroots outlets is also increasing, and the demand for sorting equipment is also constantly improving. Etown focuses on intelligent sorting technology and adheres to technological innovation, and will always provide our customers with more efficient and advanced logistics technology and equipment." JiLi said.