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Internet of things into intelligent logist

source:一一通科技   Update time:2021-10-20

 So at this time requires a new logistics management system, through the corresponding science and technology to promote the smooth progress of the whole logistics industry chain, enhance the running efficiency of logistics, warehousing and distribution, a new Internet technology to overcome these challenges, the advantages of the Internet of things technology is the expansion of the traditional bar code information storage, accelerate the speed of information storage, It can make the information transfer of logistics goods more quickly and automatically track the whereabouts of each piece of goods through the network, which facilitates the supervision and management of logistics storage and distribution. This new technology has been concerned by more and more logistics enterprises. Intelligent logistics can make the processing and adoption of logistics information more perfect, through the perfect intelligent logistics management system will be the delivery of goods, storage, processing and packaging integrated together, spend the least time and manpower to achieve the optimization of logistics services, so as to achieve the logistics management system of the iot and intelligent.