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Focus on intelligent sorting Etown with professional to improve customer operation efficiency

source:Etown Internet of Things intelligent sorting equipment   Update time:2021-10-22

The biggest difference from the traditional sorting equipment is that the automatic intelligent sorting equipment developed by Etown reduces the manual scanning code, manual parts and other links, and is completed by the system and machine, which makes the transmission speed and accuracy higher. An express delivery from the unloading station, to the sorting after loading, the time is greatly shortened. To a large extent, the error that may occur due to manual sorting is avoided.

So far, the smart sorting device has achieved 99 percent accuracy. It is understood that the intelligent sorting system developed by Etown is in the leading technology level in the national logistics industry.

"As the express delivery and e-commerce businesses continue to grow, we are actively innovating our technology and attracting more technical talent to jointly develop new smart sorting solutions to enhance our services and help customers make smart sorting easier," said Ji Li, deputy general manager of Etown.

Compared with their counterparts in developed countries, domestic logistics equipment enterprises still have a certain gap in brand, technology, scale and other aspects. In recent years, domestic enterprises have been growing by introducing foreign advanced technology, providing local services and making independent innovations. For example, Etown and other leading domestic logistics equipment enterprises have rapidly improved their product technology level, brand quality and product performance, and are increasingly favored by domestic and foreign customers.