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First of all, we need to know what co-distribution is.

source:一一通科技   Update time:2021-10-23

How to improve the terminal efficiency of express delivery has always been a topic of concern for express delivery enterprises. Many express delivery enterprises have launched the mode of co-distribution. What is co-distribution? The concept has since been embraced by countless delivery companies. Co-distribution of express delivery means that multiple express delivery enterprises conduct unified sorting and distribution in the same storage area, and ultimately improve the efficiency of delivery at the end of express delivery and effectively reduce costs.

First, the concept of express co - distribution

The concept of express matching is actually very simple, in the past, the independent sorting and distribution between various express enterprises, for example, you are the Courier of Yunda, so you can only send yunda express. But after the implementation of the matching model, Yunda Courier can distribute multiple brands of express. Co-distribution of express delivery truly achieves the sharing of Courier, storage space and transport capacity, etc. It is a commonly used method of cost reduction and efficiency increase in the present express delivery industry.

Now, the matching model is widely used in economically backward areas. This is mainly because of the shortage of manpower and high transportation costs in economically backward areas. Through the use of mature terminal distribution solutions in these areas, to integrate warehousing resources and human resources, and then upgrade and optimization is the trend!