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Etown leads the industry development with technology

source:Etown Internet of Things intelligent sorting equipment   Update time:2021-10-25

As consumers demand more and more timeliness of express packages, the logistics industry is facing more and more challenges. Sorting as one of the biggest flow links in the intelligent logistics industry, labor shortage, sorting efficiency bottlenecks, accuracy is difficult to ensure, parcel damage and other phenomena frequently occur, will be a major bottleneck in the development of enterprises. Anhui Etown Information Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Etown"), as a leader in the field of intelligent sorting, continuously deeps the field of intelligent sorting through innovation and professional technology, leading the new development of the industry.

The intelligent sorting equipment developed by Etown can autonomously identify package information and sort packages to different destinations, further improving the sorting efficiency and achieving 99% accuracy. Etown's delivery actuators are designed for customers to receive and drop packages by moving inward or outward, seamlessly connecting with the conveyor belt to receive each package, and further securing and enhancing the load of individual package sorting.

Ji Li, vice general manager of Etown, said, "Currently in China, we are known for providing first-class service to our customers. The intelligent sorting equipment produced by Etown is one of the few on the market that can handle almost all common types of packages, adapting to complex and changing logistics scenarios."

Etown from since its establishment, has been adhering to the "let sorting easier" clear objectives, and continuously explore intelligent sorting technology, perfect solution, through constant technological innovation and pattern innovation, reduce the barriers of wisdom logistics, allow more enterprises to "machine substitution" of the first step, to help customers in the fierce market competition to create more profits.