Automatic weighing system

Automatic weighing system

Aynamic Belt Scale/Weight Removal Machine

Etown series of electronic weighing scales ranging from 1g to 100 kgs,Precision values from 0.001g to 20g,combined with Etown logistics management software, electronic scales can be easily assembled into a variety of complex functions of weight picking system.

Sorting speed:
Max speed: 4,000 pcs / h
Applicable industry:

E-commerce,Express,Food,Medicine etc.


1、Reduce the rate of work errors (the accuracy of automated work is obviously higher than manual labour)

2、Re-inspection and audit of parcel express information (re-inspection of parcel distribution information in e-commerce warehouse and re-inspection of Courier distribution information), to reduce under-loading and omission of parcel picking by e-commerce, and maliciously replacing or losing of parcel distribution in transit;

3、Avoid the illegal acts of "escaping weight" and "escaping inch", so as to reduce the profit loss of logistics and express enterprises or the freight cost of E-commerce warehousing.